How To Earn Bitcoin With A Minimal Investment

2017 earned me over 41 Bitcoins; worth a very liquid $656,000 as I am writing this. I think the best part is that it only took me a $3,500 to earn Bitcoin like this.  In this article you are going to learn the strategies I have used to earn bitcoin.

Ways To Earn Bitcoin

First off, there are several ways to earn Bitcoin. Let’s start off with the positives and negatives of each way.

  1. Mine Bitcoin: When Bitcoin transactions are sent to other Bitcoin wallets miners grab the transactions, confirm them, prove that they are legitimate and then add these transactions to the blockchain (the public ledger in which all Bitcoin transaction records are kept). In order to mine Bitcoin you must dedicate your computer’s power and time to confirming transactions. This takes tons of electricity and quite a bit of money to convert your computer into one capable of mining at a rate where you will see a decent return on your investment. Most crypto currencies allow anyone to mine but the issues are usually high investment costs, low returns on investment, or both. It is not impossible to find a way to mine that IS profitable and DOES have a decent ROI, so don’t rule this option out!
  2. You can use companies like Bitpay, USI tech, Trade Coin Club, or Crypto Business World to “earn bitcoin” for you by auto trading. These companies usually have an mlm attached to them that allows you to earn by referral in addition to the “trading” that they are doing on your behalf. Companies like this will pay you a percentage on the trades that they profit on using your investment. I caution using these companies for a multitude of reasons (don’t get me wrong; some are legit): many are based outside of the USA because they can’t legally register in the USA, they often are re-branded from earlier companies that have disappeared with their previous investor’s money and started up with a new face just to do the same thing again, they change their pay structure, tax you for using their software, promise an outrageous return that is not possible to actually achieve, or they promise you around 1% daily (you can do far better on your own).
  3. Donation Platforms: Yet again another mlm, which I am 100% fine with. However such platforms in the crypto world are legally considered a ponzi scheme if there is no product backed by the mlm. You see in these platforms you usually have a multi level commission plan where person C donates Bitcoin to Person B and Person A earns a percentage. These platforms can also be susseptable to hacking in which hackers break through the security firewalls, redirect the Bitcoin wallet addresses to their own, and sneak out with tons of Bitcoin.

The Best Way To Earn Bitcoin

So as you can see, I am not too fond of platforms that are controlled by 3rd parties. I would rather rely on my skill to earn Bitcoin. So what is the way I prefer?….Day Trading!! As you can see in the picture above this is one of my members who just profited $2,600 off of a simple trade. The concept is simple; buy low, sell high, repeat. Now how do you do that?…you must be able to know which coins to invest in (remember there are over 1,350 crypto currencies besides Bitcoin), how to analyze markets, and learn investment strategies. So simply put you use your Bitcoin to invest in other crypto currencies at a low point and sell at a high point. When you sell these currencies you automatically get paid back in Bitcoin. You are in 100% control of how much you invest, how much you sell, how low you buy, and how high you sell at. The result is a leveraged way to accumulate a larger Bitcoin portfolio that you continue to snowball using day-trading methods.

Above you can see an investment of 0.2 Bitcoin that I invested in SysCoin. This 0.2 investment afforded me 6,711 SysCoin which went up in value for a 21% gain just hours later and made me $536.68 more in Bitcoin. This means that I invested 0.2 BTC and came out with 0.242 BTC which is a net profit of 0.042 BTC. Now this is a very real example that happens on almost a daily basis. So when you can make 21% multiple times every single week why would you give a company that you don’t know your money to pay you just 1%?…

This is the only industry that I know of where a bad day is 21%. I am quite used to see 50% gains, 100% gains, 200% gains, and often times 1000%+. For me I started off with $3,500 in Bitcoin and snow-balled it to where I am at today holding over 41 BTC.

Below is an example of another crypto currency that I purchased with my Bitcoin. In this example I paid for XEMCoin twice at an average of about 0.00002351 Bitcoin per XEMCoin. You can see that I made a sale on a total of 1,404 of these coins for and was able to sell for a considerable amount more. This made for a 149% ROI on $550. Not bad eh?

In conclusion I suggest that when you are looking to earn Bitcoin you look towards day trading as your answer. This is the only way to multiply your Bitcoin portfolio by one hundred fold with a minimal investment. This is the only way to multiply your Bitcoin portfolio while being in full control yourself and not having to trust a third party! It is necessary that you learn how to research coins, recognize trends, trend reversals, indicators and patterns. If you want to learn how to stack an immense amount of Bitcoin and build your portfolio in other coins such as Litecoin and Ethereum I highly suggest that you check this out and take action immediately!

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts. I always appreciate the feedback!

-Ben Oberg